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Al Fakher Vanilla Shisha has a creamy and rich flavor that is reminiscent of the calming aroma of fresh vanilla pods. The flavor has a sweet and buttery character that is similar to handmade vanilla ice cream. This flavor is rich and noticeable without being demanding, intriguing those who desire an intense dessert accent along with those who want a more delicate flavor. It remains stable and scrumptious during the entire smoking session, providing a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience. It makes an exceptional bowl for anyone looking for a cozy, delectable flavor in their shisha.





Heat Resistance:


When you access the pack of Al Fakher Vanilla Shisha, you will be struck by the comforting fragrance of pure vanilla, reminding you of pleasant vanilla-scented candles. You will enjoy the creamy vanilla aroma of this shisha as you relish its flavors throughout your session.

Occasion or Mood

It is the luscious, creamy flavor of Al Fakher Vanilla that makes it an outstanding choice for a relaxing evening session or as a comforting delight to treat yourself to after the day's end.

After Taste

A delicate, creamy aroma of vanilla persists even after the session, creating a sweet, creamy aftertaste that urges you to prepare another bowl of Al Fakher Vanilla Shisha.

Packing Tips

For the best smoking experience, pack this shisha loosely in your bowl and maintain a medium heat level. This allows the Vanilla flavor to shine without becoming overly harsh or burnt.

Frequently Asked Questions

When conserved in a dry and cool location, Al Fakher Vanilla Shisha has an average lifespan of two years from the date of production. Once opened, preserve the shisha in a container that is airtight to retain the freshness.
The tobacco of Al Fakher Vanilla Shisha has been submerged in top-notch molasses, which allows the shisha to thoroughly take in the delicate Vanilla flavor and reward you with a lush, soothing experience.
Our Al Fakher Vanilla Shisha is made with perfectly cut foreign tobacco leaves that have been matured in delectable natural Vanilla extracts and really high-quality molasses. We do not use any synthetic coloring in our shisha, which enhances the intrinsic appeal of the tobacco.
Al Fakher Vanilla Shisha is a classical shisha that pledges to enthrall you with a truly timeless smoking experience. In this shisha, the tobacco leaves have been chopped very finely to ensure level and consistent heat dispersion.
Al Fakher Vanilla Shisha is manufactured with superior foreign-grown tobacco leaves, which are known for their quality and smoothness.
Our Al Fakher Vanilla Shisha contains a nicotine concentration of 0.05%, resulting in a pleasant effect that is not too harsh to appreciate.
Al Fakher Vanilla Shisha is prepared with finely diced tobacco leaves for uniform heat dispersal and effortless packing. The precise cut builds flavor absorption, creating a more balanced and lush smoking experience.
Al Fakher Vanilla Shisha, like any of our shisha, has been drenched in premium molasses, which gives it a deep reddish brown hue. The leaves of tobacco are precisely chopped to make the texture easier to pack.
Al Fakher Vanilla Shisha comes with excellent juice content, which makes it extraordinarily succulent and damp. Prepare a bowl right away to captivate yourself in its luxurious flavors and enjoy a long, scrumptious experience.