Two Apples Mint
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Two Apples Mint

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Al Fakher Two Apples Mint Shisha boasts a delicious and invigorating blend, merging the crispness of green and red apples with the stimulating minty freshness. The palate is expressive of fresh, plump apples glazed with fresh mint leaves, which have a sweet and mildly tangy character tempered by a minty coolness. This exclusive amalgamation, on the contrary, tastes like black licorice. This harmonious, flavorful combination is robust without being too potent, catering to both those who desire rich fruitiness and those who prefer a cooler, more delicate minty undertone. The flavor remains enduring and delicious across the session, giving an inviting and enjoyable smoking experience. Al Fakher Two Apples Mint Shisha is an awesome preference for anyone opting for a fruity and yet revitalizing flavor in their shisha bowl. 





Heat Resistance:


When you unwrap the pouch of Al Fakher Two Apple Mint Shisha, you will come across a mouthwatering, delightful scent of lush apples paired with a refreshing odor of mint leaves, stirring up visions of a stunning apple farm on a pleasant summer morning. The shisha envelops the entire room with an outstanding aroma of sweet and crunchy apples that is complimented by a refreshing minty note as long as you smoke your hookah.

Occasion or Mood

The stimulating flavor of Al Fakher Two Apples Mint, makes it an ideal candidate for enjoying an energizing midday session or as a chilling delight to wrap up your busy day.

After Taste

A mild blended aroma of crisp apples and refreshing mint continues to exist post-session, creating a relaxing, revitalizing aftertaste that beckons you to ignite another bowl. You will love how the black licorice flavor numbs your senses when you exhale.

Packing Tips

For the best smoking experience, pack this shisha loosely in your bowl and maintain a medium heat level. This allows the Two Apples Mint flavor to shine without becoming overly harsh or burnt.

Frequently Asked Questions

Al Fakher Two Apples Mint Shisha comes with a two-year shelf life from the date of manufacture if stored in a dry, cool place. Make sure to store your shisha in an airtight jar to preserve freshness after you open the package.
Al Fakher Two Apples Mint Shisha has been aged thoroughly in premium molasses, so it can soak up the delightful flavor of Two Apples Mint effectively. Hence, you can indulge yourself in a lush, satisfying smoking session with Al Fakher Two Apples Mint Shisha.
Our Al Fakher Two Apples Mint is made from precisely cut foreign tobacco leaves that have been cured in delectable natural extracts and high-quality molasses. We refrain from adding any artificial colorings to prepare our shisha, which highlights the original appeal of the tobacco.
Al Fakher Two Apples Mint Shisha is a vintage shisha that guarantees you a truly relishing experience. The tobacco leaves have been precisely cut to promote consistent and even heat distribution.
Our Al Fakher Two Apples Mint Shisha is prepared with the best tobacco leaves harvested from foreign-grown plants, which are esteemed for their superior quality and texture.
The nicotine content of Al Fakher Two Apples Mint Shisha flavor is limited to only 0.05%, producing a pleasant effect without being overwhelming.
Al Fakher Two Apples Mint Shisha is prepared using well-diced tobacco leaves for uniform dispersion of heat and effortless packing. The precise cut improves the infiltration of flavors, which results in an engaging and enlivening smoking experience.
Al Fakher Two Apples Mint Shisha boasts a striking meld of deep red and brown shades, which is the telltale indicator of the premium-grade molasses it has absorbed. The precisely chopped tobacco leaves a texture that is perfect for hassle-free packing.
Al Fakher Two Apples Mint Shisha is rich, juicy, and damp, making it exceptionally perfect for a wonderful prolonged smoking experience.