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Al Fakher Rose Shisha sports a subtle and captivating flavor, which perfectly embodies the charm of the stunning flower. The shisha tastes aromatically sweet and fragrant, indicative of recently plucked, budding roses. Its rich and innovative flavor profile fascinates everyone who likes floral tones without being too overbearing, as well as those who like subtle flavors. The floral flavor of Al Fakher Rose Shisha remains unchanged and flavorful throughout the entire session, providing a sophisticated and satisfying experience. It makes an outstanding bowl of delight if you are into fragrant, flowery blends.





Heat Resistance:


After you unbox a packet of Al Fakher Rose shisha, you will experience the captivating scent of flourishing roses, evoking the enchanting views of a placid rose garden. When smoked, this shisha releases an uplifting, delicate, rosy fragrance that persists during the entire smoking session.

Occasion or Mood

It is the exquisite flavor profile of Al Fakher Rose Shisha that makes it the best option for an unwinding evening session or as a soothing delight to wrap up your day on a happy note.

After Taste

Al Fakher Rose Shisha offers a mild trace of enchanting rose that continues even after you have finished smoking and leaves behind a relaxing, invigorating aftertaste that motivates you to embark on another smoking adventure.

Packing Tips

For the best smoking experience, pack this shisha loosely in your bowl and maintain a medium heat level. This allows the Rose flavor to shine without becoming overly harsh or burnt.

Frequently Asked Questions

When stored in a cool, dry area, Al Fakher Rose Shisha has a shelf life of two years from the date of manufacturing. To maintain its freshness and flavor, store the shisha in an airtight container after being opened.
Al Fakher Rose Shisha has been submerged in the highest quality molasses, ensuring the shisha preserve sweet yet tangy rich flavors, while offering an intriguing and tranquil smoking experience.
Our Al Fakher Rose Shisha is produced with perfectly diced foreign tobacco leaves that have been steeped in delightfu organic extracts and excellent quality molasses. We don't utilize any artificial coloring in our shisha, which adds to the intrinsic appeal of the tobacco.
Our Al Fakher Rose Shisha is a vintage shisha that delivers a real, conventional smoking experience. The tobacco leaves are finely chopped for smooth and consistent heat distribution.
Our Al Fakher Rose Shisha is prepared with premium-quality leaves harvested from tobacco plants grown on foreign lands, which are recognized for their quality and performance.
Our Al Fakher Rose Shisha contains a nicotine concentration of 0.05%, resulting in a pleasant effect that is not too harsh to appreciate.
Al Fakher Rose Shisha is crafted with shredded tobacco for a uniform spread of heat and hassle-free packing. The precise chop optimizes flavor penetration, creating an extremely stable and stimulating smoking episode.
As a result of having been aged in high-quality molasses, Al Fakher Rose Shisha shows a stunning mixed shade of dark red and brown. Tobacco leaves with a fine-cut texture let you pack them quickly and easily.
Al Fakher Rose Shisha is luxurious and moist, which results in a robust flavor and an extensive smoking session.