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The rich and tangy flavor of Al Fakher Plum Shisha flawlessly mimics the vibrant flavor of the fruit. It features a delicate, sweet, and tangy flavor, indicative of young, luscious plums. Despite its richness and uniqueness, the flavor is never too pompous, enticing all who like potent fruitiness as well as those who prefer extra mild flavors. The flavor remains consistent throughout the smoking session, making the experience gratifying, delightful, and enjoyable. If you are craving a naturally fruity shisha experience, try Al Fakher Plum once.





Heat Resistance:


As you unbox the pack of Al Fakher Plum Shisha, an alluring aroma of juicy plums will welcome you and remind you of taking a walk across a thriving plum field. When lit up, Al Fakher Plum shisha emanates a tangy and sweet plum scent that lasts during your smoke adventure.

Occasion or Mood

Al Fakher Plum comes with a vivid and enthralling flavor that makes the shisha the best choice for enjoying a relaxing session on a warm afternoon or wrapping up your long day on an elegant, flavorful note.

After Taste

Al Fakher Plum Shisha provides a mild, soothing touch of plum that persists beyond your session, delivering a mesmerizing sweet yet tangy aftertaste that lures you to pick up another hookah bowl.

Packing Tips

For the best smoking experience, pack this shisha loosely in your bowl and maintain a medium heat level. This allows the Plum flavor to shine without becoming overly harsh or burnt.

Frequently Asked Questions

When conserved in a dry and cool location, Al Fakher Plum Shisha has an average lifespan of two years from the date of production. Once opened, preserve the shisha in a container that is airtight to retain the freshness.
The tobacco of Al Fakher Plum Shisha has been submerged in top-notch molasses, which allows the shisha to thoroughly take in the delicate Plum flavor and reward you with a lush, soothing experience.
Our Al Fakher Plum Shisha is manufactured with high-end, finely chopped imported tobacco drenched in organic Plum essence and top-grade molasses. We refrain from using any synthetic colors in our shisha, letting the natural beauty of the tobacco sweep through.
Al Fakher Plum Shisha is a vintage shisha that guarantees you a truly relishing experience. The tobacco leaves have been precisely cut to promote consistent and even heat distribution.
Our Al Fakher Plum Shisha is prepared with the best tobacco leaves harvested from foreign-grown plants, which are esteemed for their superior quality and texture.
The nicotine level in Al Fakher Plum Shisha flavor is restricted to only 0.05%, giving you an enjoyable effect without being unpleasant.
Al Fakher Plum Shisha is prepared using finely chopped tobacco leaves for even heat distribution and convenient packing. Such a fine cut encourages flavor intake, resulting in a consistently delicious smoking session.
Al Fakher Plum Shisha boasts a striking meld of deep red and brown shades, which is the telltale indicator of the premium-grade molasses it has absorbed. The precisely chopped tobacco leaves a texture that is perfect for hassle-free packing.
Al Fakher Plum Shisha comes with excellent juice content, which makes it extraordinarily succulent and damp. Prepare a bowl right away to captivate yourself in its luxurious flavors and enjoy a long, scrumptious experience.