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Every puff of Al Fakher Pineapple Shisha reveals a tropical nirvana, producing a vibrant and delicious flavor that perfectly captures the essence of this popular tropical fruit. The flavor has an intense sweet profile with an enjoyable tangy touch, giving you the experience of savoring on fresh, juicy pineapples. It is a uniquely potent flavor that intrigues those who appreciate tropical fruity shisha flavors as well as those you like to enjoy harmonious flavors. It has a distinctive and delicious flavor that remains consistent throughout the smoking session. If you are looking for a tropical fruity flavor in your shisha, Al Fakher Pineapple is a great option.





Heat Resistance:


As you unwrap the package of Al Fakher Pineapple Shisha, an exciting aroma of lush pineapples hits you, transporting you to a glorious beach on a sunny day. While heating a packed bowl, this shisha exudes a refreshingly tart pineapple fragrance that dominates your space during the session.

Occasion or Mood

The tropical flavor of Al Fakher Pineapple Shisha makes it perfect for an exuberant celebration with friends or a leisurely retreat by the seaside.

After Taste

A subtle flavorful touch of pineapple continues to exist even after the smoking session ends. Al Fakher Pineapple produces an indulging yet delicately tangy aftertaste that urges you to put together another bowl.

Packing Tips

For the best smoking experience, pack this shisha loosely in your bowl and maintain a medium heat level. This allows the Pineapple flavor to shine without becoming overly harsh or burnt.

Frequently Asked Questions

When stored in a cool, dry area, Al Fakher Pineapple Shisha has a shelf life of two years from the date of manufacturing. To maintain its freshness and flavor, store the shisha in an airtight container after being opened.
Al Fakher Pineapple Shisha has been dunked in superior-quality molasses that let the tobacco leaves capture the delicate sweet and stimulating flavors thoroughly and indulge you in a rich, satisfying smoke session.
Al Fakher Pineapple Shisha has been crafted with premium, nicely chopped foreign tobacco that has been steeped in premium-grade molasses. We refrain from using any artificial tints in our shisha.
Al Fakher Pineapple Shisha is a classic shisha that is known for offering you an authentic smoking atmosphere. To ensure uniform and continuous heat dispersion, the tobacco leaves have been carefully chopped.
Our Al Fakher Pineapple Shisha is manufactured with finest foreign-grown tobacco leaves noted for their quality and softness.
Our Al Fakher Pineapple Shisha has a nicotine level of 0.05%, creating a delightful effect that you will enjoy without feeling overwhelmed.
Al Fakher Pineapple Shisha is produced using finely diced tobacco for seamless distribution of heat alongside simple packaging. The delicate cut increases flavor absorption, giving you an extremely stable and invigorating smoking session.
Al Fakher Pineapple Shisha, like any of our shisha, has been drenched in premium molasses, which gives it a deep reddish brown hue. The leaves of tobacco are precisely chopped to make the texture easier to pack.
Al Fakher Pineapple Shisha is exceptionally moist, succulent, and delectable because of its amazing juice content. You can fill your hookah bowl with some and go on a long smoke journey while enjoying its mesmerizing flavor.