Orange Mint
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Orange Mint

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Al Fakher Orange Mint Shisha is a creative flavor blend that brings together the zesty tanginess of ripened oranges with the cooling richness of mint to produce a well-rounded bright shisha. The zingy flavors of fresh oranges go hand-in-hand with the relaxing mint undertones, yielding a revitalizing and thrilling experience. Both the flavors maintain their distinct flavors uniformly throughout the entire session, ensuring you have a comforting, invigorating and remarkable experience. If you are searching for a shisha that is equally pleasantly tart and refreshingly cool, Al Fakher Orange Mint is a must-have flavor for you.





Heat Resistance:


Unveiling the pack of shisha brings you to its tantalizing aroma of freshly juiced orange delicately enhanced with a dash of refreshing mint that stimulates your senses instantly. When heated, a bowl packed with AL Fakher Orange Mint shisha envelopes the room with a deliciously sweet and sharp orange-minty fragrance that endures during the session.

Occasion or Mood

The stimulating flavor profile of Al Fakher Orange Mint makes it an extraordinary option for an early morning session or an invigorating delight on a sunny afternoon.

After Taste

Al Fakher Orange Mint shisha offers an enduring touch of citrus with a hint of mint that persists even after the smoking session, producing a mouthwatering, invigorating aftertaste that leaves you wanting more.

Packing Tips

For the best smoking experience, pack this shisha loosely in your bowl and maintain a medium heat level. This allows the Orange Mint flavor to shine without becoming overly harsh or burnt.

Frequently Asked Questions

When kept dry and cold, Al Fakher Orange Mint Shisha can last for two-years from the date of manufacturing. After using the product, store the remaining unused shisha in an airtight container to maintain its freshness.
Al Fakher Orange Mint Shisha has been dunked in superior-quality molasses that let the tobacco leaves capture the delicate sweet and stimulating flavors thoroughly and indulge you in a rich, satisfying smoke session.
Our Al Fakher Orange Mint Shisha is created with finely diced, superior imported tobacco leaves that have been submerged in organic Orange Mint extract and outstanding molasses. We don't employ any synthetic colors in our product, so the inherent beauty of the tobacco emerges.
Al Fakher Orange Mint Shisha is a timeless shisha that is known for treating you with a restorative smoking experience. To ensure uniform and steady heat distribution across the session, we have finely chopped the tobacco leaves for this shisha.
Our Al Fakher Orange Mint Shisha is manufactured with finest foreign-grown tobacco leaves noted for their quality and softness.
Our Al Fakher Orange Mint Shisha contains a nicotine concentration of 0.05%, resulting in a pleasant effect that is not too harsh to appreciate.
The tobacco in Al Fakher Orange Mint Shisha is finely chopped, facilitating uniform heat dispersal and an effortless packing procedure. The small cut boosts flavor absorption, which ends in an extensive, delectable session.
Al Fakher Orange Mint Shisha has a deep, dark crimson and brown hue that is distinctive of absorbed, high-quality molasses. The finely chopped tobacco leaves create a texture that is well suited for easy packing.
Al Fakher Orange Mint Shisha is rich, juicy, and damp, making it exceptionally perfect for a wonderful prolonged smoking experience.