Orange Cream
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Orange Cream

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Al Fakher Orange Cream Shisha introduces a smooth and creamy flavor in your shisha that exemplifies the very heart of an orange creamsicle. It features a sweet, vibrant tangy flavor with a delicate creamy vanilla flavor, reminding of a cool, velvety orange dessert. The distinctive flavor is balanced but unique, catering to those craving a fruity zing complimented with a silky smooth creamy undertone. The flavor retains its delicate harmony with the advancement of the session, providing a lavish and rewarding smoking pleasure. This blend is excellent for individuals who aim for a sweet, creamy, and lemony spin in their shisha bowl.





Heat Resistance:


When you expose a pack of Al Fakher Orange Cream, the scent of luscious oranges interacts with a hint of creamy vanilla to produce a fascinating combination expressive of a pleasantly refreshing orange creamsicle. When heated, fragrant shisha occupies the entire room with an irresistible creamy orange perfume, establishing an inviting and soothing environment for the entire length of the session.

Occasion or Mood

The luxurious flavor profile of Al Fakher Orange Cream shisha makes it an uplifting choice for an intimate evening or a comforting pleasure to pamper yourself after a long day.

After Taste

A subtle combination of tangy orange and silky vanilla cream persists during the session, creating an enticing, rewarding aftertaste that urges you to put together another bowl of excitement.

Packing Tips

For the best smoking experience, pack this shisha loosely in your bowl and maintain a medium heat level. This allows the Orange Cream flavor to shine without becoming overly harsh or burnt.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can easily enjoy Al Fakher Orange Cream Shisha for two years from the date of manufacture; just store it somewhere dry and cool. To retain the product's freshness, it is best to store it in an airtight container after you've opened the shisha.
Al Fakher Orange Cream Shisha has been steeped in the finest molasses, letting the shisha deeply capture the sweet flavor essence while giving you an enticing and calming smoking experience.
Our Al Fakher Orange Cream Shisha is made with perfectly cut foreign tobacco leaves that have been matured in delectable natural Orange Cream extracts and really high-quality molasses. We do not use any synthetic coloring in our shisha, which enhances the intrinsic appeal of the tobacco.
The Al Fakher Orange Cream Shisha is an elegant shisha that gives you an unparalleled, unique smoking experience. The tobacco leaves in this shisha have been carefully cut to encourage fair and constant heat distribution.
Our Al Fakher Orange Cream Shisha is prepared with premium-quality leaves harvested from tobacco plants grown on foreign lands, which are recognized for their quality and performance.
Our Al Fakher Orange Cream Shisha contains a nicotine concentration of 0.05%, resulting in a pleasant effect that is not too harsh to appreciate.
The tobacco leaves present in Al Fakher Orange Cream Shisha are precisely diced, allowing consistent heat distribution and ease of packing. The smaller cut promotes flavor adsorption, delivering a constant, rich, Orange Cream-infused smoking pleasure.
Al Fakher Orange Cream Shisha has a deep, dark crimson and brown hue that is distinctive of absorbed, high-quality molasses. The finely chopped tobacco leaves create a texture that is well suited for easy packing.
Al Fakher Orange Cream Shisha is rich and moist, contributing to an impressive flavor and a delectable and lengthy smoking session.