Gum Mint
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Gum Mint

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Al Fakher Gum Mint Shisha features an enjoyable, harmonious flavor blend that evokes a conventional mix of minty coolness with sweet gum. It boasts a sweet taste with a cooling element that is exactly like fresh minty gum. Those who desire a strong, mint-flavored shisha as well as those who favor an extra mild note will find the flavor to be well-rounded without being overwhelming. The flavor remains the same throughout the session, providing a steady and delightful experience. It's an ideal option for those who like to relish something refreshingly cold and sweet.





Heat Resistance:


An invigorating smell of minty gum, reminding you of the freshness of a cool morning, ushers in as you open a package of Al Fakher Gum Mint. This shisha dissipates a delicious and energizing aroma when properly heated, which hovers over your palate as long as you smoke it.

Occasion or Mood

Al Fakher Gum Mint Shisha features a rejuvenating, vibrant taste that makes it a wonderful option for a reviving refreshment or an aromatic finale to your hectic day.

After Taste

Refreshingly cool and sweet-flavored Al Fakher Gum Mint leaves a deliciously refreshing minty gum aftertaste that hangs around the mouth and lures you to pack another shisha bowl.

Packing Tips

For the best smoking experience, pack this shisha loosely in your bowl and maintain a medium heat level. This allows the Gum Mint flavor to shine without becoming overly harsh or burnt.

Frequently Asked Questions

As long as you keep it dry and cool, you may easily savor Al Fakher Gum Mint Shisha for two years after it was manufactured. After opening the shisha, preserve it in an airtight container so it stays fresh.
Al Fakher Gum Mint Shisha has been cured in superior molasses to effectively absorb the wonderful flavor !X. As a result, you get to relish a luscious, pleasurable experience while smoking some Al Fakher Gum Mint Shisha.
Our Al Fakher Gum Mint Shisha is manufactured with high-end, finely chopped imported tobacco drenched in organic Gum Mint essence and top-grade molasses. We refrain from using any synthetic colors in our shisha, letting the natural beauty of the tobacco sweep through.
Al Fakher Gum Mint Shisha is a vintage shisha that guarantees you a truly relishing experience. The tobacco leaves have been precisely cut to promote consistent and even heat distribution.
Our Al Fakher Gum Mint Shisha is prepared with the best tobacco leaves harvested from foreign-grown plants, which are esteemed for their superior quality and texture.
Al Fakher Gum Mint Shisha has a nicotine concentration of only 0.05%, letting you enjoy without making you feel overwhelmed .
Al Fakher Gum Mint Shisha is crafted with shredded tobacco for a uniform spread of heat and hassle-free packing. The precise chop optimizes flavor penetration, creating an extremely stable and stimulating smoking episode.
Like all our shisha, we have steeped Al Fakher Gum Mint Shisha in high-quality molasses, which contributes to its dark reddish brown color. Tobacco leaves have a finely diced texture, making the packing really fast and smooth.
The juice concentration of Al Fakher Gum Mint Shisha makes it extraordinarily juicy, hydrated, and, most importantly, tempting. It is perfect for long smoking encounters.