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The beautiful tropical flavor of Al Fakher Coconut Shisha wonderfully captures the savory flavor of the actual coconut fruit. It gives a little bit of crunch and sweetness, conjuring up images of cool, juicy coconuts. Al Fakher Coconut Shisha is both rich and distinctive without being excessively sweet in flavor, making it perfect for those who value a little understated hint as well as those who crave a powerful tropical touch. The flavor remains outstanding throughout the smoking session, offering a revitalizing and satisfying experience. Al Fakher Coconut shisha is the finest pick for anyone who craves something rich and tropical in their shisha bowl.





Heat Resistance:


As soon as you open the Al Fakher Coconut Shisha pack, you will be ushered in by the fueling aroma of succulent coconuts, bringing up the holidays spent by the sandy shores. Al Fakher Coconut shisha has a satisfying and alluring coconut fragrance that lingers during your session, enhancing your overall experience.

Occasion or Mood

Al Fakher Coconut Shisha has an alluring flavor, making it a tantalizing option for a nighttime session or as a charming indulgence to cap off your busy day.

After Taste

It is the faint undertones of coconut that cling to your taste buds even after the session concludes, offering a nice soothing aftertaste that lures you to partake in another smoke session.

Packing Tips

For the best smoking experience, pack this shisha loosely in your bowl and maintain a medium heat level. This allows the Coconut flavor to shine without becoming overly harsh or burnt.

Frequently Asked Questions

If stored in a cool, dry spot, Al Fakher Coconut Shisha has a prolonged shelf life of two years from the date of production. To maintain the shisha's freshness and exquisite flavors, keep the unused shisha in an airtight container after you have opened the pack.
Al Fakher Coconut Shisha has been dunked in superior-quality molasses that let the tobacco leaves capture the delicate sweet and stimulating flavors thoroughly and indulge you in a rich, satisfying smoke session.
Our Al Fakher Coconut Shisha is carefully created with precisely cut foreign tobacco leaves aged in high-quality Coconut extracts and superior molasses. We are against using any artificial colorings to make our shisha, which accentuates the genuine beauty of the tobacco.
The Al Fakher Coconut Shisha is an elegant shisha that gives you an unparalleled, unique smoking experience. The tobacco leaves in this shisha have been carefully cut to encourage fair and constant heat distribution.
Al Fakher Coconut Shisha is crafted with premium-grade tobacco leaves imported from foreign countries. The leaves are recognized for their top quality and texture.
Enjoy a soothing buzz with Al Fakher Coconut Shisha without feeling too overloaded, as it contains a nicotine level of only 0.05%.
The tobacco leaves present in Al Fakher Coconut Shisha are precisely diced, allowing consistent heat distribution and ease of packing. The smaller cut promotes flavor adsorption, delivering a constant, rich, Coconut-infused smoking pleasure.
Al Fakher Coconut Shisha has a magnificently blended tint of dark red and brown as a consequence of being engrossed in superior molasses. The tobacco leaves have a fine-cut texture, making them suitable for speedy and effortless packing.
Al Fakher Coconut Shisha is exceptionally moist, succulent, and delectable because of its amazing juice content. You can fill your hookah bowl with some and go on a long smoke journey while enjoying its mesmerizing flavor.