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The savory flavor of Al Fakher Cinnamon Shisha is both strong and comforting, encapsulating the genuine character of the popular spice. It wonderfully captures the authentic sweet and zesty flavor notes of freshly ground cinnamon sticks. The rich flavor of the shisha is artfully crafted to satiate without being overwhelming. Whether you desire the pronounced spicy notes or just appreciate a more delicate touch, this shisha is meant to meet all your demands. Prepare to enjoy a nice, long, relaxing smoking session as the flavor stays persistent throughout the entire session. It's an excellent choice for individuals craving an aromatic spiciness in their shisha.





Heat Resistance:


The moment you open the shisha package, a sweet fragrance of cinnamon will waft out of it, evoking the cheerful sights of autumnal festivities and friendly evenings. When lit up, Al Fakher Cinnamon shisha emits an aromatic and enticing cinnamon aroma that endures through your entire session.

Occasion or Mood

Al Fakher Cinnamon Shisha has an incredible flavor palate that is both stimulating and comforting, making it a magnificent selection for a quiet evening session or as a peaceful way to wrap up an exhausting day.

After Taste

A subtle flavor of cinnamon lingers even after the session ends, forming an ethereal yet fiery aftertaste that lures you to grab another bowl of Al Fakher Cinnamon Shisha.

Packing Tips

For the best smoking experience, pack this shisha loosely in your bowl and maintain a medium heat level. This allows the Cinnamon flavor to shine without becoming overly harsh or burnt.

Frequently Asked Questions

As long as you keep it dry and cool, you may easily savor Al Fakher Cinnamon Shisha for two years after it was manufactured. After opening the shisha, preserve it in an airtight container so it stays fresh.
The tobacco of Al Fakher Cinnamon Shisha has been submerged in top-notch molasses, which allows the shisha to thoroughly take in the delicate Cinnamon flavor and reward you with a lush, soothing experience.
Our Al Fakher Cinnamon is made from precisely cut foreign tobacco leaves that have been cured in delectable natural extracts and high-quality molasses. We refrain from adding any artificial colorings to prepare our shisha, which highlights the original appeal of the tobacco.
The Al Fakher Cinnamon Shisha is an elegant shisha that gives you an unparalleled, unique smoking experience. The tobacco leaves in this shisha have been carefully cut to encourage fair and constant heat distribution.
We have manufactured our Al Fakher Cinnamon Shisha using the best quality leaves obtained from foreign-grown tobacco plants, which have been acknowledged for outstanding quality and consistency.
Embrace an amazing effect with our Al Fakher Cinnamon Shisha, which contains merely 0.05% nicotine, allowing you to enjoy your smoke session without feeling too overloaded.
Al Fakher Cinnamon Shisha is produced using finely diced tobacco for seamless distribution of heat alongside simple packaging. The delicate cut increases flavor absorption, giving you an extremely stable and invigorating smoking session.
Al Fakher Cinnamon Shisha is characterized by a stunning blend of dark red and brown colors produced by the high-quality molasses it has soaked. The carefully cut tobacco leaves make an excellent texture for quick and effortless packing.
Al Fakher Cinnamon Shisha is extremely moist, juicy, and intriguing due to its significant juice content. Pack your hookah bowl with some and pamper yourself with a long, robust, enticing, and wonderful smoking experience.