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Al Fakher Blueberry Shisha has an appealing flavor profile that is indicative of the rich flavors of ripe blueberries. Its exquisite flavor palate will wow you with its captivating innate sweetness, which is efficiently amplified by a subtle tangy undertone. If you're looking for a shisha with the enticing sweetness of blueberries, this adventurous shisha will satisfy you without being overpowering. Are you willing to give it a try?





Heat Resistance:


Get ready, as you will be greeted with a captivating aroma of luscious blueberries upon opening the shisha pouch. It will fill your space with an enthralling aroma, tantalize your taste buds, and excite you for the delectable session ahead. When heated, Al Fakher Blueberry Shisha will release an appealing fragrance of orchards thriving with ripe blueberries.

Occasion or Mood

Al Fakher Blueberry Shisha is a captivating medley of rich and luscious fruity flavor, making it a brilliant selection for packing your hookah bowl for any occasion. Whether you want to unwind and revel in a nice, calming afternoon session or socialize with friends and smoke in the evening, Al Fakher Blueberry Shisha will dazzle you right away. It boasts an enticing flavor profile that is extremely versatile, making it a crowd-pleaser at any social gathering or event.

After Taste

What distinguishes Al Fakher Blueberry Shisha is its delicious aftertaste that closely resembles the natural persisting flavors of lush blueberries. Pack your bowl with some Al Fakher Blueberry shisha right away and enjoy how its delicately sweet and refreshing aftertaste stimulates your whole smoking experience.

Packing Tips

For the best smoking experience, pack this shisha loosely in your bowl and maintain a medium heat level. This allows the Blueberry flavor to shine without becoming overly harsh or burnt.

Frequently Asked Questions

If stored in a cool, dry spot, Al Fakher Blueberry Shisha has a prolonged shelf life of two years from the date of production. To maintain the shisha's freshness and exquisite flavors, keep the unused shisha in an airtight container after you have opened the pack.
Al Fakher Blueberry Shisha has been saturated with the best molasses, letting the shisha deeply embrace the sweet, fruity, and delicate creamy essence while providing you with an intriguing and relaxing smoking experience.
Our Al Fakher Blueberry Shisha is made with perfectly cut foreign tobacco leaves that have been matured in delectable natural Blueberry extracts and really high-quality molasses. We do not use any synthetic coloring in our shisha, which enhances the intrinsic appeal of the tobacco.
The Al Fakher Blueberry Shisha is an elegant shisha that is renowned for offering an invigorating smoking experience. We have the shisha tobacco leaves thoroughly diced to ensure equal and continuous heat dispersion during the session.
Our Al Fakher Blueberry Shisha is prepared with premium-quality leaves harvested from tobacco plants grown on foreign lands, which are recognized for their quality and performance.
The nicotine level present in Al Fakher Blueberry Shisha is capped at only 0.05%, producing an amazing effect without being too overwhelming.
Al Fakher Blueberry Shisha is manufactured with diced tobacco for an even dispersion of heat and convenient packing. The exact cut boosts flavor penetration, creating an intense Blueberry-infused smoking experience that is both enthralling and refreshing.
Al Fakher Blueberry shisha has a profound, dark red and brown shade that is indicative of its absorbing high-quality molasses. The finely chopped tobacco leaves produce a texture that is ideal for smooth packing.
The high juice content makes Al Fakher Blueberry Shisha exceptionally moist, juicy, and tempting. Fill your hookah bowl with it for a lasting, hypnotic, and refreshing experience.