Strawberry Cream
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Strawberry Cream

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Al Fakher Strawberry Cream Shisha offers a velvety, delicious flavor profile that skillfully melds the crispness of strawberries with the richness of cream. The blend is sweet and creamy, reminiscent of a platter of luxurious strawberries topped with fluffy whipped cream. This exquisite harmony of flavors is extremely intense without becoming dominating, catering to aficionados of robust fruitiness along with those who favor a more delicate accent. The flavor remains consistent during the session, delivering a remarkably pleasurable smoking experience. It's an excellent decision for individuals looking for a silky, fruity, and velvety flavor in their bowl.





Heat Resistance:


When you open a bag of Al Fakher Strawberry Cream Shisha, you will instantly notice the delicious velvety aroma of strawberries merged with the smoothness of vanilla cream, reminding you of your favorite dessert. Do not be surprised if you feel your mouth moistening. Wait till you light up a bowl packed with this incredible shisha. Your entire room will be flooded with a soothing creamy aura complimented with the sweetness of strawberries, lasting the entirety of the smoke session.

Occasion or Mood

Give a flavorful finale to your day or treat yourself to a relaxing evening session, with the splendid flavor meld of Al Fakher Cream Shisha. You will thoroughly enjoy it.

After Taste

A delicate hint of creamy strawberry cream stays behind even after you have finished smoking a bowl of Al Fakher Strawberry Cream Shisha. It leaves you with a sweet, creamy aftertaste, teasing your senses and compelling you to prepare another bowl.

Packing Tips

For the best smoking experience, pack this shisha loosely in your bowl and maintain a medium heat level. This allows the Strawberry Cream flavor to shine without becoming overly harsh or burnt.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can easily enjoy Al Fakher Strawberry Cream Shisha for two years from the date of manufacture; just store it somewhere dry and cool. To retain the product's freshness, it is best to store it in an airtight container after you've opened the shisha.
Al Fakher Strawberry Cream Shisha has been aged thoroughly in premium molasses, so it can soak up the delightful flavor of Strawberry Cream effectively. Hence, you can indulge yourself in a lush, satisfying smoking session with Al Fakher Strawberry Cream Shisha.
Our Al Fakher Strawberry Cream Shisha is produced with perfectly diced foreign tobacco leaves that have been steeped in delightfu organic extracts and excellent quality molasses. We don't utilize any artificial coloring in our shisha, which adds to the intrinsic appeal of the tobacco.
Al Fakher Strawberry Cream Shisha is a classical shisha that pledges to enthrall you with a truly timeless smoking experience. In this shisha, the tobacco leaves have been chopped very finely to ensure level and consistent heat dispersion.
Our Al Fakher Strawberry Cream Shisha is prepared with premium-quality leaves harvested from tobacco plants grown on foreign lands, which are recognized for their quality and performance.
Our Al Fakher Strawberry Cream Shisha contains a nicotine concentration of 0.05%, resulting in a pleasant effect that is not too harsh to appreciate.
Al Fakher Strawberry Cream Shisha is prepared using finely chopped tobacco leaves for even heat distribution and convenient packing. Such a fine cut encourages flavor intake, resulting in a consistently delicious smoking session.
As the shisha has been soaked in superior molasses, it gives off a rich blend of red and brown colors. Its fine-cut texture makes Al Fakher Strawberry Cream Shisha suitable for effortless packing.
When it comes to juice content, Al Fakher Strawberry Cream Shisha is very moist and juicy. As a result, you get to indulge yourself in a strong, savoring flavor during a prolonged smoking session.