Cherry Mint
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Cherry Mint

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Al Fakher Cherry Mint Shisha unites the sweet and lightly tangy flavors of tender cherries with the energizing coolness of mint, resulting in an innovative and encouraging smoking experience. This blend renders an exceptional flavor profile that launches with an initial burst of cherry sweetness and finally fades with an invigorating minty afternote.





Heat Resistance:


The sensual scent of a tender, juicy cherry mixed with the reviving aroma of mint hits you as soon as you open the pouch. When the Al Fakher Cherry Mint shisha is slowly heated, its captivating aroma pervades the entire room, resulting in a vibrant ambiance that amplifies the smoking experience.

Occasion or Mood

Al Fakher Cherry Mint has a fantastic yet versatile flavor profile that suits a wide range of events and moods. The cooling effect of the mint makes it more appealing on a scorching lunchtime, while the sweet cherry notes make it an excellent choice for a relaxing evening after an intense day at work. It may also be a good choice for social gatherings, adding an unforgettable flavor that sticks out.

After Taste

The aftertaste of Al Fakher Cherry Mint Shisha is nothing less than intriguing, an elegant meld of satisfying cherries and refreshing mint. This exclusive blend's aftertaste clings to your taste buds, luring you back for some more of it.

Packing Tips

For the best smoking experience, pack this shisha loosely in your bowl and maintain a medium heat level. This allows the Cherry Mint flavor to shine without becoming overly harsh or burnt.

Frequently Asked Questions

When kept dry and cold, Al Fakher Cherry Mint Shisha can last for two-years from the date of manufacturing. After using the product, store the remaining unused shisha in an airtight container to maintain its freshness.
Al Fakher Cherry Mint Shisha has been steeped in high-quality molasses, ensuring the tobacco leaves fully embrace the flavors and treat you to a rich, refreshing smoking session.
Our Al Fakher Cherry Mint Shisha is carefully created with precisely cut foreign tobacco leaves aged in high-quality Cherry Mint extracts and superior molasses. We are against using any artificial colorings to make our shisha, which accentuates the genuine beauty of the tobacco.
Al Fakher Cherry Mint Shisha is a classic shisha that looks to captivate you with a soothing smoking experience. The tobacco leaves present in the shisha have been carefully diced, guaranteeing an even and constant dispersal of heat.
Our Al Fakher Cherry Mint Shisha is prepared with premium-quality leaves harvested from tobacco plants grown on foreign lands, which are recognized for their quality and performance.
Embrace an amazing effect with our Al Fakher Cherry Mint Shisha, which contains merely 0.05% nicotine, allowing you to enjoy your smoke session without feeling too overloaded.
The tobacco leaves present in Al Fakher Cherry Mint Shisha are precisely diced, allowing consistent heat distribution and ease of packing. The smaller cut promotes flavor adsorption, delivering a constant, rich, Cherry Mint-infused smoking pleasure.
Al Fakher Cherry Mint Shisha boasts a striking meld of deep red and brown shades, which is the telltale indicator of the premium-grade molasses it has absorbed. The precisely chopped tobacco leaves a texture that is perfect for hassle-free packing.
Al Fakher Cherry Mint Shisha is rich and moist, contributing to an impressive flavor and a delectable and lengthy smoking session.