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Al Fakher Cherry Shisha exemplifies the sweet and fairly tart flavor of wonderful, juicy cherries. This robust flavor is both invigorating and fascinating, conveying an unforgettable, impressive smoking experience for smokers who acknowledge the savory flavor of this famous fruit.





Heat Resistance:


Be ready as a lively and delectable aroma of succulent cherries emanates, intriguing your senses while you unbox the pack of shisha. Load your hookah bowl with Al Fakher Cherry shisha using the sprinkling method for an enticing smoking session. The true pleasure comes as you start heating the bowl; it will saturate your homely space with an exhilarating and mesmerizing aroma of ripe cherries, elevating the satisfying and cheerful ambience.

Occasion or Mood

Al Fakher Cherry Shisha has a fresh and satisfying flavor, which serves as a fantastic option on a hot afternoon or an unwinding evening. With its pleasant and fruity flavor, it is an instant hit during social occasions.

After Taste

Al Fakher Cherry Shisha has an aromatic sensation that reminds you of freshly picked cherries. This aftertaste is innately sweet with a mild touch of tartness that persists on your palate, enhancing the delightful smoking experience.

Packing Tips

For the best smoking experience, pack this shisha loosely in your bowl and maintain a medium heat level. This allows the Cherry flavor to shine without becoming overly harsh or burnt.

Frequently Asked Questions

When conserved in a dry and cool location, Al Fakher Cherry Shisha has an average lifespan of two years from the date of production. Once opened, preserve the shisha in a container that is airtight to retain the freshness.
Al Fakher Cherry Shisha has been steeped in high-quality molasses, ensuring the tobacco leaves fully embrace the flavors and treat you to a rich, refreshing smoking session.
Our Al Fakher Cherry is made from precisely cut foreign tobacco leaves that have been cured in delectable natural extracts and high-quality molasses. We refrain from adding any artificial colorings to prepare our shisha, which highlights the original appeal of the tobacco.
Our Al Fakher Cherry Shisha is a vintage shisha that delivers a real, conventional smoking experience. The tobacco leaves are finely chopped for smooth and consistent heat distribution.
Al Fakher Cherry Shisha is developed utilizing only the finest tobacco leaves harvested from foreign-grown plants, which have are well know for their exceptional quality and smooth texture.
Embrace an amazing effect with our Al Fakher Cherry Shisha, which contains merely 0.05% nicotine, allowing you to enjoy your smoke session without feeling too overloaded.
The tobacco in Al Fakher Cherry Shisha is finely chopped, facilitating uniform heat dispersal and an effortless packing procedure. The small cut boosts flavor absorption, which ends in an extensive, delectable session.
Al Fakher Cherry Shisha has a magnificently blended tint of dark red and brown as a consequence of being engrossed in superior molasses. The tobacco leaves have a fine-cut texture, making them suitable for speedy and effortless packing.
Al Fakher Cherry Shisha comes with excellent juice content, which makes it extraordinarily succulent and damp. Prepare a bowl right away to captivate yourself in its luxurious flavors and enjoy a long, scrumptious experience.